We are Hannah and Ben, husband and wife whose love of vintage design has evolved in to this little company.We love to find old, unloved bits of furniture and bring them back to life, sometimes by restoring things to their former glory, and sometimes by giving them a whole new twist! (Ben is all about the natural beauty of wood, Hannah is addicted to colours and patterns…)So, here at the Happy Chair Company we sell the beautiful cheerful pieces we’ve restored ourselves, mostly chairs but every so often a set of tables or something different pops up. We also really enjoy reviving the pieces you already have – if you have a sad chair that needs some love, give us a call!

We believe that anyone can enjoy good design, whatever kind of home they live in. Got kids? That’s fine! This furniture has survived the last 50 years, it can take a few more. Have an ultra-cool loft conversion? Nice! Some mid-century furniture will fit right in. Live in a regular house on a normal estate? Our stuff will look great in your home too. Our pieces are designed to bring a smile to your face, wherever you are. The clue’s in the name!

Please feel very welcome to hop on over to The Happy Chair Company and check out our lovely products!

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