My Christmas List…

…is not in fact a list of presents.  Regular readers will know that every December, we have our own advent tradition – 25 Days of Christmas.  This consists of a little (or large) Christmassy activity every day until the 25th.  Some are family traditions, like the eating of Onion Soup on Christmas Eve, and the baking (and demolishing) of a gingerbread house, and some are school commitments like Carol services and Christmas Jumper days.

We always make sure we squeeze in a few less intense activities like watching Christmas movies, taking Christmas photos, or just listening to some music – it’s a darned good way to get in the festive spirit, I can tell you. 🙂

This will be our second year of The Reverse Advent.  Rather than involving time travel, it simply means that each day, instead of getting something, we’ll be giving something – putting some clothing or some food into a box which can then be donated just before Christmas.  Making a sort of giant giving hamper, if you will.  Hopefully it will do some good for someone, somewhere.

But, until the big day arrives, work continues in Happy Chair land – that Ercol sideboard I keep promising you, for starters, not to mention the Toothill armchair that’s on the way…

These are our current Toothills, getting all festive. The new one look a bit different…

In the meantime, if anyone is finding the stress of the season all a bit too much, may I suggest just putting the decorations on your head?  It really is a great way to stop taking it all too seriously…

You’re welcome.

H xx

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