Spotlight On… Guy Rogers ‘Manhattan’ Recliner

Happy Monday!  We had a cheeky little week off last week, as we were thoroughly enjoying ourselves up in the Lake district for half term – brilliant bright cold weather, the Old Man of Coniston, and Halloween goodies galore!

But now I’m back in the blogosphere, and returning to our (semi) regular feature – a whole blog post just about one particular fantastic piece of furniture (and not necessarily a new one), taking the time to really go into detail about the process in restoring it, the design choices I’ve made, or maybe the history of the designers.

This week I’m shining the spotlight on this particular chair of ours –

Our Guy Rogers ‘Manhattan’ recliner.  Manufactured in Liverpool in the early 1960s, this chair simple oozes mid century style.

Made from solid Afromosia, or African Teak, the frame is in excellent structural condition, with only a few minor marks to the legs.  These are such a classic design that we didn’t want to mess about with it too much, and decided to go for a simple block colour on the upholstery, as we’ve seen on previous ‘Manhattans’ that we’ve had the pleasure of rehoming.

I chose a dark red wool blend very similar in texture to the chair’s original covering.  Underneath that, new webbing has been fitted to the back rest, along with new foam and a new seat cushion.  Designed for laid back lounging, the chair has a defined headrest to compliment the three reclining positions.

Of course, buying vintage is already a great step towards sustainable and environmentally conscious shopping (what’s the point of making our homes pretty on the inside if the world is falling apart on the outside?), and to add to the eco credentials, the fabric used here for the upholstery is also vintage.  Double vintage points!

And the red, while obviously a bold colour, has a timeless quality – it’s a classic shade.

This stunning chair will effortlessly slip in to any design scheme and add it’s own touch of vintage cool, as well as offering plenty of flexible comfort!

So, you can get all the details about the Guy Rogers ‘Manhattan’, such as dimensions and even more photos on the Etsy shop, or catch me on Facebook or Insta if you have any other questions.

Catch you next week, vintage lovers.

H xx

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