Accidentally Eco

So, deadstock.  Sounds gross, right?  In fact, it’s just another name for end of line fabrics – stuff that would other wise be thrown away.

I only heard this term recently, reading about companies who are using deadstock to make their products (mostly clothing).  Then I realised that I’ve been doing this too, right back since 2014!

When The Happy Chair Company started out, I bought a job lot of deadstock from our (at the time) local GPlan factory.  They needed to get rid of all their ‘out of date’ fabric, and I needed upholstery quality fabrics to get started with my little vintage business.  Win-win.  What I didn’t realise at the time was that it was in fact a triple win, as byy using that fabric to create new covers for chairs, I was saving it from most probably heading to landfill.  I was also saving gallons and gallons of water, by not using newly produced fabric – Amo Threads, a website which specialises in selling deadstock fabric, has a handy little water saving calculator.

Greaves & Thomas reupholstered in deadstock fabric!

An Ercol 203 chair, for example, needs about 2 metres of fabric for a new cushion seat.  A wingback chair takes more like 4.  So on average, every chair I’ve upholstered in deadstock fabric has saved a whopping 594 – 1,188 gallons of water!  Each chair!  I was so thrilled to learn that as well as saving tonnes of furniture from ending up in landfill, I’ve also been saving water too (and I thought I was just saving money ;))

Ercol recliner reupholstered in more deadstock!

Now, not every single chair we’ve reupholstered has used deadstock fabric, but to be honest, the vast majority have.  Between our green electricity, our repair and reuse mentality, and now our deadstock fabric use, I feel like The Happy Chair Company is doing pretty well in the green stakes!  There’s always more to do, though – foam continues to be an issue, for example… but, as someone wise once said, “do what you can, with what you have.”

Have a great week everyone!
H xxx

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