Hvidt and Mølgaard

Cool crime fighting duo?  Not quite…

Instead, Peter Hvidt and Orla Mølgaard-Nielsen were the genuis Danish designers behind some astonishingly gorgeous mid century furniture.  The pair joined forces in 1944 in Copenhangen, establishing the Hvidt & Mølgaard Studio and designing the Portex chair, one of the first Danish stacking chairs – intended for export and therefore to take up as little space as possible.

Portex chairs- read more about them at H Gallery.

Their later design of the Ax chair became ‘an icon of Danish mid century design‘.

Ax chair

The pair continued designing together until 1975, working with names like Fritz Hansen, France and Søn, and Møbelfabrik, as well as larger architectural projects.

Given that design pedigree, you can imagine our delight at finding this glass topped coffee table by Hvidt and Mølgaard for France and Søn!  A 1960s design, the glass topped versions are (for obvious reasons) a rather rare bird.

The design really speaks for itself – there’s not much more my words can add!


Except to say that it’s now available on the website…😉


Have a great week, vintage fans!


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