The Visible Woman


You may well have noticed, if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, that I’m running a little experiment – making sure that I’m showing up, literally, in 80% of my social media posts until the end of September.  This is both weird and uncomfortable, and kinda fun.

I’d always held back from making our social media too personal before as I thought nobody would be interested – we sell furniture, after all.  I’d share a couple of pictures of the kids or home life, to prove I was a real person, but generally the rule was, ‘just show pictures of furniture’.  To be honest, I still feel like it might be a terrible idea – it doesn’t feel comfortable, not yet, to keep posting pictures of myself.  But after one week, it is getting easier.  Let me tell you how I got here…

Of course I want to get my lovely furniture seen by as many people as possible, and there’s no point pretending I don’t – you all know this is a business, right?  A massive part of doing that when you are an online business is by growing your followers.  So, I joined the FEA‘s (Female Entrepreneur Association) Visibility Challenge – designed to help you get over your fear of being seen (who else is super awkward on video?  Feels a bit dorky and unprofessional in photos?  I know it’s not just me…) and challenge you to try some new things in your biz that will help you get seen by a wider audience.  So your biz gets seen, and so do YOU.

I do like to hide behind things, though…

This coincided with another mini challenge, this time from Ceramicist and cool person Erica Williams on Instagram.  #7DaysOfDares was perhaps a more personal set of challenges, but with similar themes – show up, as yourself.  Show who you really are, do things that scare you.  And so both of these mini challenges have lead to some of the things that are coming to fruition this week – most obviously, you’re going to be seeing a lot more of me in photos from now on.  And hearing me in videos.  Maybe even seeing and hearing me simultaneously if I can get the camerawork figured out…

I also noticed, as I was scrolling through my photo gallery looking for something to post, that there were barely any pictures of me.  A few of me with the kids, a couple of me with the husband. None of just me.  So if nothing else, these pictures will be proof that I existed as an individual entity!

The things to hide behind are getting smaller…

My own humble opinion is that both social media and the vintage dealer world can have a tendency to take itself a little seriously.  We are all so passionate about what we do and how much we love the pieces we sell, that sometimes I think we forget to enjoy them for what they are.  It doesn’t help that social media is designed to make us compare and judge – but let’s not.  Let’s try to bring a bit of humour to it, and have fun, and spread a little happiness, instead.

Hopefully you won’t mind seeing my smiling mug popping up in your feed over the next few weeks 🙂

Have a good one, y’all.

H xx

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