Feel the Love

Blah blah Valentines, blah blah lovey dovey…

Whatever.  I’m not about to try and make furniture romantic or cutesy or convince you to express your love for your nearest and dearest with the purchase of a chair.  (I mean, if you want to do that of your own free will then by all means go ahead – I’m just not going to force it on you.)

What I am going to do, however, is show you all the lush new stuff we’ve added to the Etsy shop in the last two weeks!  Because you’ll LOVE them!  Geddit? Yay!

We’ll kick off with a pair of vintage single desks, one by Esavian and one of more mysterious heritage – both with excellent laptop table potential.

Next up we have another pair – this time of Gplan drawers.  One taller, one shorter, both immensely useful for stylish storage. 

And finally, someone a little special.  Our oak Cube Heals chair.  It reclines.  It looks awesome.  It has a scar from an old bullet wound.  It’s the coolest chair in town.


What a lot to love!

Wishing you exactly the kind of Valentines day that you desire, and here’s hoping all the other days this week are pretty decent, too.

H xx



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