Spotlight On… Red Velvet Wingback

Happy Monday!  This year on the blog, I’m introducing a new regular feature – a whole blog post just about one particular fantastic piece of furniture (and not necessarily a new one), taking the time to really go into detail about the process in restoring it, the design choices I’ve made, or maybe the history of the designers.

To start us off, this week I’m shining a little spotlight on one particular chair of ours – 

Our red velvet Parker Knoll wingback.  Red velvet makes me think of cake, which is an excellent association to have, and also in my head I call this chair ‘Red Wing’ for short,  which makes it sound extra cool, like a superhero.  So either way just thinking about this chair makes me happy. 

Manufactured by world renowned chair masters Parker Knoll, it is of the exceptional build quality that you would expect.  I love working on Parker Knoll chairs, be they wingbacks, Froxfields or 988 models, as they are so solidly made.  I’ve never come across a loose joint – these babies are built to last.  You can take them apart, sand them, refurbish them – they all have the most fantastic ‘bone structure’ to hang any design from. 

Taller and more upright than other mid century designs, this chair is ideal for someone who loves their vintage but doesn’t want to be lounging low to the ground!  In terms of design, I wanted to play around with both colours and textures, mixing smooth velvet with bolder stripes.

To accentuate the contrast between the two fabrics even more, I added piping to the seat cushion, but kept the velvet sections piping free – creating an uninterrupted flow over the body of the chair.  The velvet’s on the inside surfaces so that you get to touch it and snuggle your head against velvety wings when you sit down!

Of course, buying vintage is already a great step towards sustainable and environmentally conscious shopping (what’s the point of making our homes pretty on the inside if the world is falling apart on the outside?), and to add to the eco credentials, the used here velvet is actually made from bamboo, a much more sustainable crop than cotton, and with excellent hard wearing qualities.

The stripes add a lightness, not only in terms of colour but also a sense of playfulness – stripes are always fun!  And the red, while obviously a bold colour, has a timeless quality – it’s a classic shade.  

Undoubtedly a completely unique and one of a kind piece, it’s also worth noting that new Parker Knolls retail for anywhere from £700 to £900, so this one is an absolute steal at £350.  And yes, you can pick up a second hand one from well known auction websites, 😉 , but will it be anything like this?  I don’t think so…

So, you can get all the details about Red Wing (Cake Hero), such as dimensions and even more photos on the Etsy shop, or catch me on Facebook or Insta if you have any other questions about his origin story or future destiny.

Hope you’ve enjoy our first ‘Spotlight’ blog post!

Catch you next week, vintage lovers.

H xx


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