A Game of 2 Halves – Part Two!

A very happy Monday to you all!

This week I can, finally and with great delight, show you the results of both the hall makeover and the GPlan commission that I mentioned back before Christmas, in the distant days of 2018.

Let’s start with the hallway.  Just to remind you, here are some delightful ‘before’ shots:

Blah, boring, yawn.  Sadly (and it does bring a tear to my eye), the original 1930s black and white tiling under that laminate flooring is un-rescueable.  Actual word, by the way.  So, I had to content myself with stripping that handrail to match the floor, and painting everything else I could reach in Farrow and Ball’s Green Smoke.  It was a very close call between that and Bancha, but in the end, the blueish tones in Green Smoke won out, as we have so much blue elsewhere in the house.  And…

YAY!  We also tracked down a fantastic bit of storage for the many, many shoes that the five of us have (I’m sure they multiply in the cupboard), and topped it off with some gorgeous vintage scales, just for style points.  

Yes, one day that stair carpet will get replaced. And one even more distant day that UPVC front door will get the old heave ho for something infinitely more beautiful.  But right now, I am delighted with our green hall.

Now, I must also tell you about Mr Gplan, who was a commission piece for the lovely Carla.  He went through various stages, from this:

To this:

To this and this:

And now, at last, I can show you him comfortably ensconced in his new home –

Carla very kindly sent me over some photos, and said that I can share with you – and doesn’t Mr G look handsome?  We are so pleased that we were able to help Carla get exactly what she wanted to fit her newly transformed lounge.  If anyone else out there has some Happy furniture, we’d love to see it!

Finally, after our little Christmas hiatus, I can introduce you to the newest member of the Happy Chair gang – the Guy Rogers ‘Manhattan’ Recliner.  Totally reupholstered with new everything, we chose a lovely red wool in a very similar weave to the original fabric, and I must say, I feel he looks not only rather smart but authentic too.  Available from our Etsy shop now!

That’s all for this week!  Catch you next Monday vintage lovers 😉


H xx



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