A game of two halves

Hello all!

Now, I don’t usually like to show makeovers until they are complete – I love that big ‘before and after’ moment – but as there is so much going on this week, I’ve decided to break my own rule.  This week you’ll get to see the ‘Before’ and during stages of not one but two transformations.  Lucky you!

First up, working is cracking on a pace with this GPlan swivel chair commission – our lovely customer Carla has asked for it to be fully reupholstered in a gorgeous soft Abraham Moon grey wool – but first it needs to be completely stripped back, have the webbing replaced, and the swivel base cleaned and oiled!

More pictures to come as Mr GPlan’s new coverings begin – keep an eye on my stories on Instagram for step by step progress.


The second makeover this week is part of our house – the entrance hall.  Sadly (very sadly) it seems that the original black and white floor tiles have been concreted over, (why?  Whhhhhhhhyyyyyyy?) so our plan to restore those to their former glory has been somewhat derailed.  In the meantime, however, we can get on with a new colour on the walls.  I am notoriously crap at remembering to take before photos, so what you have here is a ‘before the real work started but after the tester pots came out to play’ photo.

There are a myriad of things we’d like to do in this tiny space – flooring, as mentioned, but also a new (old) front door and sidelight, re-carpet the stairs, strip the banisters – but time and budget mean we will have to restrain ourselves.   We’ll see how that goes…


So, like the first movie in a series, this blog is all about the set up – next time you’ll get to see some real action.


Have a great week!

H xx


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