My Christmas List…

…is not in fact a list of presents.  Regular readers will know that every December, we have our own advent tradition – 25 Days of Christmas.  This consists of a little (or large) Christmassy activity every day until the 25th.  Some are family traditions, like the eating of Onion Soup on Christmas Eve, and the baking (and demolishing) of a gingerbread house, and some are school commitments like Carol services and Christmas Jumper days.

We always make sure we squeeze in a few less intense activities like watching Christmas movies, taking Christmas photos, or just listening to some music – it’s a darned good way to get in the festive spirit, I can tell you. 🙂

This year I’m adding a new one – The Reverse Advent.  Rather than involving time travel, it simply means that each day, instead of getting something, we’ll be giving something – putting some clothing or some food into a box which can then be donated just before Christmas.  Making a sort of giant giving hamper, if you will.  Hopefully it will do some good for someone, somewhere.

But, until the big day arrives, work continues in Happy Chair land – last week saw the arrival of these rather marvelous Esavian school tables – perfect if you have kids who like to craft and glue and paint, and you need somewhere other than your dining table to indulge their creative urges.  Formica tops and aluminium frames mean these guys can take some punishment, while looking industrial chic at the same time.

Work has also begun in earnest on the Gplan Swivel chair commission – keep an eye on my Insta stories to see step by step progress, and I’ll do a little round up here too when it’s finished.

Let the festivities commence!


H xx


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