Early Hallow’s Eve

It’s time to talk about Jason.

With the nearness of Halloween (and my Instagram obsession with tiny pumpkins) you might be forgiven for thinking I mean scary hockey mask Friday the 13th Jason – But I don’t – I mean this Jason:

Not scary!

AKA the Jason chair, designed by Danish Carl Jacobs for British manufacturers, Kandya.  Just have a little lookie:

When you think about iconic ’50s design, this is what you’re thinking about.  So iconic, in fact, that the Victoria and Albert Museum have one in their permanent collection.  Here’s what they have to say about it:

From the early 1950s progressive British taste fell under the sway of Danish design. The Jason chair was designed by a Danish designer Carl Jacobs but was manufactured by Kandya, a British firm. The lightweight, stackable, chair has gently tapering splayed wooden legs that are typical of Danish design of the period. The seat and back of the chair are folded from a single sheet of flexible plywood that wraps around the chair and joins below the seat in an expressive, though functionless, jigsaw puzzle type connection. In America the Eames and Eero Saarinen were experimenting with moulding single-piece chair seats and backs, but it required far simpler technology to bend plywood to achieve the same effect, as with this chair. Principally designed for domestic use, the Jason chair was in continuous production for almost twenty years, with metal legs as an option. In 1952 three hundred were installed in the South Bank Restaurant on the site of the Festival of Britain.   From The V&A

So, they’re pretty cool.

We’re even more excited by the fact that we have a full set of four – they are more often to be found for sale as individuals.  AND we have the original seat pads!  (OK, so the pads are, admittedly, a little worse for wear, but it’s so unusual to get a set of four with all the original pads that we’re including them anyway.)  YAY!  They’re in the Etsy shop now!


No blog next week, as we’re off on our holibobs – so although it’s a little early, have a spookily delightful Halloween!

H xx


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