Guess what today is!  Can you guess?  No? Well then I’ll tell you – today is Mr Happy Chair’s Birthday!

(Ruth Black/

Known more commonly as Ben, there is little doubt that The Happy Chair Company would not, in fact, exist without him.   From his tireless searches for amazing new pieces of stock, to his refusal to let any piece of furniture leave us unidentified, to driving the van on market days (and let’s not forget his prowess with an electric sander), Mr Happy Chair is a vital part of the whole operation.  A crucial cog in the giant Happy Chair machine made up of …two cogs.   

So this is just a short and sweet blog post to say thank you, and happy birthday, and can we go and eat cake now?


H xx


P.S.  Just in case you were actually expecting some furniture related content, our larger Uniflex cabinet sold out in just 3 days – the little one is still available though!

Uniflex chest of drawers SOLD, smaller Uniflex cabinet, £185

And coming this week – a super set of Kandya ‘Jason’ chairs!

H xxx


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