Easy come, easy go

Coo you’ve gotta be quick!  This lovely Ercol dropleaf number was listed to the website on Monday – sold on Tuesday night.  This one went easy, for sure.  But never fear, I’m sure there will be more in our future!

Bye bye!

So on to what’s coming – joining the team last week was this little guy – a 1960s Uniflex cabinet, designed by Peter Hayward.  Hayward was a prolific mid century furniture designer, working for Parker Knoll, GPlan, Greaves & Thomas, and Nathan, to name but a few.  Originally a bedroom piece, but versatile enough to be used all around the home (hall storage, home office, living room…), he’s a little gem whose big brother will be joining us later this week.  Keep your eyes peeled!

“Put me anywhere!”

And in a final bit of exciting news this week, we’ve had our first Harth enquiry!  Harth is a new furniture and art rental service, encouraging us all to think differently about ownership, environmental impact and flexibility in our homes and workspaces.  Our pair of Toothill chairs are off to earn their fortune in the Big Smoke (or, they’re going for a long term rental within a small office space in London), and we hope they will enjoy themselves whilst being safe.  Both coming AND going!  See you soon, furniture babies.

Eat sensible food, don’t talk to strangers and don’t spend all your money at once…

And that’s it for this week!

Have a good one,


H xxx


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