Going Green

Happy Monday y’all!

Back in August last year, I wrote to you all about how we were switching to renewable energy – yep, every light bulb, staple gun and electric sander at happy HQ is powered by either sun, wind or water. 🙂  Well now we can add to those green credentials, with a few other little changes we’ve been making.

Of course, when you get right down to it, the very nature of our business is eco friendly – reducing the amount of furniture going into landfill, reusing those existing beautiful pieces, minimising the consumption of newly produced stuff.  We’re emphasising ethical and sustainable thinking side of the business even more in the future by partnering with Harth, a platform for borrowing and lending furnishings or your home.  (More on them in the coming months.)

Then there’s the way we actually work on those rescued pieces of furniture – always with sandpaper and elbow grease over harsh chemicals (no Nitromors here).  We also try to be aware of our paint useage – over half of our painted items are created with low VOC paints.

The most difficult thing to dispose of is old sofa or chair foam – so if anyone out there has any tips on that, I’d love to hear from you!

And then, there’s going plastic free – it’s a big trend, but also a long game.  Throwing out all the plastic you currently have is not only wasteful (where’s it going to go?) but also expensive – replacing everything all at once is just not an economic option for most people, and especially not a micro business like mine.  Instead, as things run out and need replacing, I’m making a conscious effort to use that opportunity to switch to a more environmentally friendly option.  Take bubble wrap, for instance –

Now, it’s really important to us that your chairs (or table, or sideboard) gets to you in perfect condition.  Or courier uses blankets to wrap all our items (reusuable, plastic free ;)) but that’s not always enough, so bubble wrap is a necessity.  It’s also a big ol’ pile of the P word.  There are paper based alternative for packaging, sort of like corrugated card, but these are considerably more expensive (and we’ve just been working on bringing the cost of delivery to you down to zero, so don’t really want to push that back up again)  BUT, I have found a bubble wrap made of biodegradable plastic, so that is what we shall be using from now on!  Pus, it is actually, literally green.  Winners all round.

At the moment, we still use plastic wrapping and plastic tape to hold all the green bubble wrap in place, because I still have rolls of those to use up.  But when they’re gone, I’ll be searching out more eco minded alternatives, for sure.  The long game, my friends.

It’s a balancing act…

It’s easy to feel with these huge issues that it’s too hard to tackle, or that changing one tiny thing yourself will make no difference.  But it will.  Think big, act small – it all adds up.


Have a great week!

H xx

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