Jolly Holidays

The holidays are here!

Now, I appreciate that for some of you, those words a) mean nothing, as you are an adult without children and therefore life is not ruled by school terms, b) strike fear into your heart as you try to figure out how you will get childcare sorted for six entire weeks, c) strike fear into your heart as you realise YOU are the childcare for six entire weeks, d) create some kind of combination of d) and c).

But me personally, I love ’em.  Six weeks of no alarm clocks.  No school run.  No packed lunches.  No making sure school uniform has been washed.  Come the end of August, I’m sure I’ll be craving all those routines again, but right now, six clear weeks is filling me with Enid Blyton-like glee. 

The Happy Chair Co always tends to slow down a little bit over the summer – partly because people mostly want to buy furniture in Spring and Autumn (we are all animals, feathering our nests) and partly because with three young’uns home all day every day, production time is, ahem, limited.  Plus we need time to drink ginger beer and eat cake and pickled eggs.  Not necessarily in that order.

So, I am remembering what I said last summer – embrace it.  Embrace the slow movement -which doesn’t necessarily mean doing things slowly, but doing them wholeheartedly – if you’re having lunch, enjoy it; don’t stuff it down so you can get on to the next thing.  If you’re playing Rapidough or hairdressers or football top trumps for what may be the bazillionth time, just play it; pay attention to what you’re actually doing rather than what you think you should be doing.  Easier said than done, that’s for sure, when a mountain of jobs both domestic and professional are waiting for you, and you flippin’ love ticking things off your to-do list, but it’s worth it.

So over August, I’ll be listing one new item each week on the website, instead of two.  They’ll still be fantastic, (Hans Wegner, Fritz Hansen, GPlan…) and there will still be great deals and offers to be had, and come September we’ll get back to Wednesday and Friday listings – but for the Summer, we’ve all got other things on our minds.  And that’s a good thing.

When I was a kid I remember going on a trailer ride – we must have been at some kind of fair or agricultural show, and we all climbed on the back the trailer behind the tractor and sat on bales of hay and rode around the farm.  There was a gap between the trailer floorboards, and when I looked down, the ground beneath us was rushing past so fast, it felt like we must be racing along.  But when I looked up and over the side of the trailer, the hills and fields were just rolling gently past.  We were going the same speed, traveling the same distance at the same rate, but looking down through the tiny gap felt dangerous and fast and a little bit scary.  Looking up meant I could see so much more, and it was a treat.  So this summer, like last, and I suspect, like next, I’m trying to look up, over the jobs and obligations and stresses, to see the bigger picture, because it’s beautiful, and I don’t want to miss it.

Have a great week,

H xx

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