True Blue

So, in amongst January’s rubbishness there is, as always, a ray of light – 30 days of Yoga.

I’ve talked about  Yoga With Adriene several times, here and here – this is the third year in a row I have joined in with her January daily online yoga practice.   All my previous ramblings about Adriene and the benefits of stretching and moving every day remain true (Ironically, the name of this years practice).  She is absolutely brilliant, not just at the yoga and the teaching (for free!) of the yoga, but also at helping you to think about things a little more broadly.  Considering your mind and heart alongside your body.  Thinking about how you feel as well as how you might your body to look or move.    One of the ideas that comes up in some of her videos is taking care of oneself – tending to your needs.  Being true to yourself.   Tend to your space.  Give yourself a nice place to be, so that you can feel happy and fulfilled and ultimately, help others. 

This advice is slowly, after years of practice, sinking in to the every day.  Looking at life and work and home and business and myself as a whole rather than separate boxes, and seeing how they can fit together in a way that feels good from the inside.  Talk about a mission for the coming year!


So, in the spirit of balancing all the things, we have just booked our first market of 2018!  This year we’ll be attending fewer markets, but making each one bigger and better – and to kick start that process we are heading to a brand new venue in South London on the 18th March, with our old friends The Vintage Furniture Flea.  The Vauxhall Flea, at The Workshop on Lambeth High Street promises all the usual delights – a huge range of vintage furniture and homewares, plus the amazing Pear of Peas cakes and teas.  With our biggest pitch so far, we’ll be able to bring an even broader selection of goodies for your shopping pleasure. 🙂  We’re really looking forward to it!

With the thought of bringing you lots of lovely stock in mind, I must go and finish hand stitching the binding on to my vintage wool throw – part of the new accessories collection that I’m working on this year, too 🙂

Stay true,

H xxx


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