January Is Rubbish, Birthdays Are Good

January!  It generally sucks!  The decs are down, work has started again, and it rains.  The sky is grey and the ground is muddy.  Everything is muddy.  The dog may have had more baths than me so far this year.

But, as well as all that, January also signals The Happy Chair Company’s birthday!  We have just turned 4, and in the spirit of four year olds everywhere, we’re ready to explore some new things and have a bit of fun.

This year, I’ll be exploring the textiles side of things in a bit more depth – sewing cushions and throws designed to coordinate with our upholstered pieces, maybe even with some hand printed designs.  One of kind, lovingly made and intended to bring a smile to your face – that’s vibe we’re going for in 2018.

To get us started on the right track, this week I began (with a little help from my ‘apprentice’) stripping a fab Gplan winged 2 seater sofa.  It will be recovered in a beautiful linen feel dark blue fabric, along with some soft feather-filled scatter cushions and a super soft, navy blue wool throw.  Yummy!

Start them young…

We’ll also be changing the way we do markets and fairs this year – instead of hitting 5 or 6 different markets, we’ll only be going to two or three – but with a much bigger pitch, so we’ll be able to bring twice as many fabulous pieces for you to see in person.  This means you’ll have to keep an eye out for our market dates, and make sure you don’t miss us!  They will be posted on our Facebook page, our website, and of course blogged about here as soon as they are booked and confirmed.

So, just a few more weeks and January will be done, February is blissfully short and then it’s March and nearly spring! Until then, here’s a little motto to help get us all through:

Here’s to a colourful, fun 2018,


H xx

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