It IS easy being green

I hate to disagree with you, Kermit, but this week I have discovered that being a least a little bit greener is, in fact, a doddle!

When we moved to this new house back in February, we were delighted to take over the ownership of its solar panels – on the roof of our attic bedroom, and on top of the kitchen extension, we have lovely big shiny squares which magically turn sunshine into electricity.  We also couldn’t help noticing that, certainly compared to where we were in Wiltshire, there are loads of wind turbines around here – and I love them!  I like to spot them as we’re driving along, and never fail to be impressed by their graceful revolving and also just how massive they are up close. (I know, I know, the small ones are far away…)  Simple things please me, as you can tell.

So at the end of last week, in a bid to up our eco credentials and, let’s be honest, save a bit of money on our bills, I switched our energy provider to one with a 100% green tariff – so absolutely all the electricity we use, both for home and business, now comes from renewable resources.  My staple gun is now powered by the sun, my sewing machine by the wind, and my dishwasher by a hydroelectric dam.  Possibly.

It feels good!  And it took all of 20 minutes, tops, to set up.  Go forth, eco warriors, and save yourselves £20 a month…

Next week, we’re off on a excursion/expedition/holiday/adventure to the Lake District, so you’ll have to wait until the week after for another blog – but I’m sure you’ll manage.

Have a great two weeks!

H xxx



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