The Exciting Task of Making a Home

Red and Lilac sofas? Why not?

A week or two ago, we took delivery of a great big pile of lovely new stock, which is now safely stored under a whole new roof (but that’s another story) – in among that lovely pile are several GPlan pieces, one of which was hiding this fantastic 1960 GPlan catalogue – which I’m now going to share with you!

Too much pink? Surely not…
Purple chair? Yes please. Those bedside lamps? I could deal. But that’s all from this one, personally…

Apart from the obviously amazing colour combos, my favourite thing about this catalogue is the first and last pages – the first talks about the excitement of making a home, which is a lovely and timely thing for me to be reminded of right now, and the innate ‘collectability’ of GPlan (and, I venture to say, several other midcentury furniture brands.)

“The wonderful thing about GPlan is you don’t have to buy all your furniture at once…buy just a piece or two at a time.  In quite a short while you’ll find you have made your home a place of pure delight.”  Who doesn’t want that?  And who, roughly 50 years on, is now building up their own old/new Gplan collection, one piece at a time?

Just to give you a little taster of the GPlan goodies we have coming your way, here they are in the catalogue:

You’ll just have to imagine them in glorious technicolour for a little while longer…

And finally, the last page of the catalgoue gives out this important (it says so) warning:

“The best is always worth waiting for”.  They probably didn’t mean 50 years, but then again, they do say that “you’ll be happy with your GPlan for all the days to come.”!

H xx


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