Celebrate (good times, come on!)

Ruth Black/istockphoto.com

There’s been a lot of celebrating over the last weekend –  a whirlwind of birthdays, food, sleepovers, cake, bbq, bouncy castles, ill children, and more cake.  All that fun, coupled with the sad demise of the Tacwise stapler means work on the SUPER exciting furniture we have in store for you has halted slightly.  Or if we’re being honest, just flat out stopped.

But, as we discovered with the death of the palm sander, I have no mourning period for tools and a replacement is on the way.  In the meantime, I have plenty to be getting on with – making space for the literal van-load of new goodies arriving later today, for example.  Although lacking photos until I have them in my actual possession, I can give you a little run down of all the brilliant pieces that will be making their way on to the website (and possibly down to London with us in September, if they haven’t sold out ;)) over the next few weeks.

Ready?  Brace yourself:

An Ercol plank table

4 Ercol quaker chairs

A 2 seater Ercol settee (an early one – tension springs instead of webbing, which makes it 1953-55 :))

2 1950s Ercol 203s

An Ercol High Back easy chair

An EGomme sideboard

An dropleaf EGomme table and chairs

Plus, possibly, an ‘exposed frame’ wingback armchair, in blue velvet and ticking stripes.

Phew! So, rather than bemoan the delay a broken stapler has caused, or stress about the ‘lost time’ away from work (which is really found time, for important things), let’s celebrate the huge amount of goodness just waiting to happen.  Literally waiting, in my workshop…that’s a lot of great vintage furniture, coming your way very soon, and if you make it a celebration, then that’s a great excuse for more cake.


H xx


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