Rock On

Now, it is well known that we at The Happy Chair are fans of rocking.  To music, or just quietly in the corner by ourselves…and also, in the form of chairs!

Right now we have both a beautiful white Gemla Dio rocker, and a sophisticated black lacquer Roland Rainer on offer for you – and some might say that those two opposites provide enough shopping choice, but no!  We’re adding more…

Are you on the dark side…
…or the light?

Soon to be up on the website and ready for rocking will be a fab and compact blonde Farstrup Mobler, very much like this one:

And then – well, I don’t want to get your hopes up too high, as there is in fact a very real chance that this one will be staying at Happy HQ – but there might be an astonishingly comfortable Gimson & Slater ‘Rock & Rest’, complete with original upholstery and little head pillow…but I’m not promising anything. 🙂

Until then my friends, rock on.

H xxx


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