Flower Power, Rocking Out and Bookworms…

We like to think we’ve got something for everyone here at Happy HQ,  and after our fantastic run of Spring markets we’ve been working hard to top up the furniture tanks –  so here’s a little round up of our latest newbies:

Parker Knoll 988, fully reupholstered, £220

When I first posted this flowery little number, the weather was being distinctly un-June-ish, but I think we can safely say that Summer has now arrived (for at least a week), and so a chair shaped meadow in your living room is a great idea.

Roland Rainer rocking chair in excellent vintage condition, £340

Alternatively, you can rock just gently enough in this Roland Rainer to create a little breeze to cool you, looking effortlessly chic and mid-century as you do so…

Coming up in the very near future, if flowers and rocking aren’t your thing, we have another one of these:

A Heal’s style Library (or Drinker’s) chair, complete with built in bookshelves on one side and secret booze cupboard on the other… the newest one will be a little brighter, with gorgeous teal coloured Abraham Moon wool upholstery…yummy.  Keep ’em peeled on Facebook this week for the unveiling!

And finally, if none of the above floats your boat and all you really want to do in this weather is have a nice lie down, we’ve got you covered … with a Greaves and Thomas sofa bed, no less.  In fact, more, as we’re getting not one but two!  No piccies yet, but soon my pretties, soon…

Well, the heat is clearly getting to me, so it must be ice lolly time.

Enjoy the sunshine, drink lots*, stay cool 😉

Han x

*of water.  Drink water.


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