Makeover Mark 2

One of our key negotiating chips when preparing the kids for our relocation was that for Boy Wonder, it would mean a much larger and nicer bedroom – 4 months in to our new home, and we had to deliver.

Although a great size, his room it was filled with no less than six fitted wardrobes, plus those over bed cupboard thingys…highly unnecessary for a boy who rotates the same two tshirts when not in school uniform…

oh dear me, no…

Ripping them out, however, created some issues – the ceiling had apparently been fitted around the wardrobes, leaving us with an inch gap, as had the carpet.  The wardrobes also concealed some, shall we say, agricultural approaches to wiring and  – well, just some bloody great holes.

missing wardrobes, but also missing ceiling…
Yuk. That’s enough ‘before’ pics now…

So, this makeover required the help of a local electrician, a plasterer, and a carpet fitter, obviously taking a little more time and money than we had originally intended – but the end result was, in both my and Boy Wonder’s opinion, worth it:

So, on to the details – the framed picture on the wall is by Lake District artist Jeff Sudders, and The Boy picked it out on our holiday there last year.  We took it as the inspiration for the colour scheme, cooling all that red and orange down a little with some pale greys and blues.  Then The Boy announced he wanted some purple, so that got thrown into the mix too, on the feature wall –

As well as matching the position of the bed, this wall had lost its picture rail (due to the overhead cupboards), so it made sense to do something different on it.  The bed itself is a vintage oak frame by Vono, who these days produce top end matresses.  All the paints are from Dulux, and the bedlinen an absolute bargain from Dunelm Mill.

A smattering of mid century furniture is, of course, to be found in each corner of the room – an Avalon wardrobe provides ample storage for Boy Wonder’s clothes, while a GPlan corner bureau and customised Ercol chair give both homework space and pretty capacious storage.

I think (and hope) we’ve got everything in here that matters to Boy Wonder – super heroes, lots of book storage, Lego, Star Wars and purple.  And we’ve managed to do so in a way that will grow with him as he heads into double figures at the end of this year, (I do not intend to redecorating this room any time soon.)  So all in all, I count this as our second successful makeover!

Until next week, vintage fans!

H xx


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