Off the beaten track

Morning all!

Remember that quandary I was debating two weeks ago?  Well, I decided to go for it.

It‘ being (fanfare please), the launch of our brand new range of premium vintage furniture on prestigious international selling site, 1st Dibs.

Ooh!  Fancy!

HC Studio is the place where we will showcase our most exclusive pieces, such as this stylish and rare Nils Jonsson sideboard for Troeds, or this immaculate set of Finn Juhl 197 teak dining chairs… it’s special stuff, for those who are looking for particular designs and designers.

It’s very exciting to be branching out into something new, and a little scary too, I don’t mind admitting.  It’s a little different to what we would normally do, but as Mr Van Gogh says,

But never fear, The Happy Chair Company will carry on providing beautiful vintage furniture at a range of prices, from our Affordable Vintage right up to our Design Classics range, just as we have for the last three years.  To prove a point, here are some of the newbies that have hit the site in recent weeks;

Fun, single and ready to party – an Ercol Quaker in red satin finish, £85

This is in fact a whole Ercol dropleaf table, (£340) but I just want to look at that grain…it’s like a topographical mountain range…

Need some chairs to match that mountain range?  No problem – set of 4 Ercol Quakers, £345

Rare as hen’s teeth and rocking horse…stuff, this Greaves and Thomas lounge chair has had a full reupholster in fresh pale green, with it’s original dark green buttons kept in tact.  Sculpted afromosia frame, anyone? £450

And so off we go into the great unknown, with flowers blooming either side of that un-normal path (but knowing that we’re still doing what we do very well, so with a little bit of familiarity to hold our hands.)  See you out there!

H xx


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