All At Once

There are many, many things going on at Happy HQ at the moment.

But let’s be honest, it’s not the first time I’ve said that.

After long, long periods of waiting for things to happen (see Please Hold, January Blues, Obstacles, or any previous posts about moving house,) we are now deep in a period of super busy-ness, both in Happy Chair Company Life and Home Life.  It’s all good busy, it’s all exciting stuff, interesting projects and new opportunities, but man, there’s a lot of it.

This seems about right…

Truth is though, it’s always busy around here.  There’s always a hundred different things going on, because there are two adults and three kids and a business to run and hobbies to pursue, let alone jobs and schools and wider friends and family… Don’t tell anyone, but I think I like it.  I don’t know what I’d do without a project.

Which is all a very long way of telling you that the Gemla rocking chair I was talking about last week isn’t quite finished yet.  It will be up and ready this week, so keep an eye on the website and Facebook, but as of today – no dice.  I can, however, tell you a little bit about where it comes from…

“At Helge River in Diö, in the heart of the old forests of Småland, lies Sweden’s oldest furniture factory.”  It sounds like a fairy tale, doesn’t it?  I want the Gemla factory to be made of gingerbread and staffed by elves…

In fact, I believe it is staffed by skilled craftsmen and designers with a particular focus on sustainability and the idea that a piece of furniture can last for generations, with a bit of refreshing and renewing along the way.  This speaks to what we do here on a much smaller scale, and makes me feel particularly glowy about the simple, charming rocking chair of theirs that I am working on at the moment. The Gemla website gives lots of detail and information about their process and products, so I won’t repeat it all here – have a read at your leisure – and remember that “in the chair the memory of the tree and the forest remains”.

I feel calmer already.

This is what the Gemla factory looks like in my head. It’s also what my studio will look like… (image from deviantart)

See you on Sunday at the Vintage Home Show!

H xx


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