Phew!  What a scorcher, in more ways than one!

Yesterday saw us on our way to Balham for a Vintage Furniture Flea which surpassed all expectations – the weather was glorious, making the early morning trip down the M1 just that little bit nicer, and when we got there, wow, were you guys ready to shop!

It was a packed event, and to be honest we were a little worried that our pitch was a bit small (being next to a fire exit means yay for you in an emergency, but also the responsibility of making sure other people can get out too… ;))  But in actual fact we had to get more stock out of the van half way through the day, the Balham shoppers were out in such force!

An Ercol dropleaf table, a set of Ercol dining chairs, a Parker Knoll armchair and a Guy Rogers Recliner all found their ways to new homes – one lovely customer even showing us how great the chairs looked once they were all settled in via her Instagram:

So, due to selling our stunning Greaves & Thomas Sofa just a week before the market, and selling Gru just 2 days after he went online (he was loaded in the van ready to go…and then unloaded ready to be sent to Devon!), we’ve found ourselves a little low on chairs!  Rest assured we will be doing some serious restockin’ (no g – Radio 2 listeners ;)) as quickly as we possibly can – but thanks to all those happy shoppers out there for making those purchases and giving us the most fantastic Spring market season.  One more market to go in the Midlands on May 7th before we take a little rest over the summer, so don’t miss out!

Speaking of taking a rest, there’ll be no blog next week as it’s Easter Monday and I’ll be busy eating chocolate/being happy that it’s spring time.  I suggest you do the same.

See you in two weeks!


H x


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