Good morning vintage lovers!

The sun is shining, Spring has definitely arrived, and we are full of beans here at Happy HQ!  In just 6 shiny days time we will be in London with The Vintage Furniture Flea, bringing more glorious bits of furniture for your enjoyment!  Here’s a little preview:

Rare Greaves & Thomas 2 seater sofa, £700
Refurbished Parker Knoll 988, £220
Fantastic vintage condition Guy Rogers Recliner, £340
Hand appliqued Parker Knoll nursing chair, £170

Plus, in about 2 days time we’ll be taking delivery of a fantastic Ercol dining set (drop leaf table and 4 chairs) and a sleek set of mid-century drawers for your storage needs. (But that’s not a chair! I hear you cry.  No, indeed it is not.  But trust us, we only bring you the good stuff…)

Also, this week the mighty Gru will be finished!  He’s looking pretty darn dapper in his new grey wool suit, but he needs his buttons doing up…so you’ll have to wait a few days more.  It’ll be worth it, I promise!

And last but not least, there are just 3 days to go to get your votes in for the Etsy #DifferenceMakesUs competition – if you haven’t clicked that button yet, get on it!  Thanks to all the happy clickers so far… 😉

And to top it all off, it’s only 11 days until Easter, which for me means sunshine and blossom and chocolate and new beginnings and lambs and colours and holidays and Spring Fever, and is one of my absolute favourite times of the year.

So let the countdown(s) begin!

H xxx


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