Thanking You

I’m back!  With two functioning eyeballs!  Sadly, no pirate patch was needed, although I did employ the sunglasses indoors for a couple of days a la movie star/bit of a douche, so there’s always an upside…

This week’s blog is one of thanks; it’s like my own personal Oscar acceptance speech but with no dodgy music to cut me off and no one to sack for handing me the wrong envelope, so here goes –

Thanks for all your get well wishes, and thanks to Ben for guest blogging last week (and for generally saying things like ‘Do you need to go to the hospital?  No, Hannah, I really think you need to go to the hospital…I’ve called the hospital, get in the car.’)

Thanks also to youngest daughter for this excellent get well card complete with pun.  And also pointing out the pun, and in doing so accidentally making another pun.

I do. I do see what you’ve done…

Extra big thanks to everyone who’s voted for us in the Etsy #DifferenceMakesUs contest – I really appreciate you taking the time to click that button, and your vote could make a huge difference to us.  There are still 9 more days of voting, so if you haven’t done it yet, what are you waiting for?  If you have, convince someone else to do it too…

Thanks for your patience while we restock the shop in readiness for another excellent market with The Vintage Furniture Flea in London on the 9th April.  There’s some Danish delights, some (more) Greaves & Thomas, some Guy Rogers, and some Trioh all on the way…

And finally, in deference to yesterday, thanks to Mums everywhere, near or far, for just…being Mums.  Essentially making the world go round.  We’d all be lost without you.

See you next week with an update on Gru!


H xx


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