Sage advice…Don’t touch your eyeball!

Hey there world…Ben here. Now, I am not usually let loose on the words side of things, but alas, alack, Hannah touched her eyeball! “We do that too!”, I hear you chirrup and chorus back at me from across the internet; except Hannah tore her cornea… not such a good look!

So, you are left with a guest blog from me this evening, a blog that takes in a little progress update, a “fancy giving us a vote in an international competition?” plea, and a spotlight on one of my fave UK based manufacturing companies.

Now I know that a number of you have been intrigued by Hannah’s anthropomorphism of the stunning batwing swivel chair that she has christened, Gru. Well P.C. (pre cornea) she was ticking along nicely with the stripping, assessment and planning for him. To give you a bit more of an idea, see his discretely nude carcass, bold and naked as the day he was “born”, back in the mists of mid-century yesteryear. I know that Hannah has awesome plans for his covering and I am pretty sure that a number of you are keen to see him resplendent in his “new clothes”.

Talking about plans, another big opportunity – and one I am really glad to share with you – that has averted our creative eye this week, is the Etsy #DifferenceMakesUs competition, that Hannah has entered us into. Why I am so glad to share it? Well, you see my wonderful wife has pretty much built this cracking little company from nothing: no significant investment, no bank loans, no hidden nest egg under the mattress; just astute buying, hard-work and lots of learning, and a drive to create lovely chairs that she is proud to know end up in real homes, making real families happy. The competition runs until 6th April and a  vote for The Happy Chair Company  (I promise it takes just 30 seconds) would maybe give us a shot at that big prize.

And, with one eye on the time (apologies for the pun) I skip quickly along to the third part of the blog; a brief spotlight on Greaves and Thomas of London. Alas, no longer with us in a manufacturing sense, Greaves and Thomas still have a huge impact upon the mid century and vintage loving community. Founded towards the end of 1910, early 1911, they were based out of premises in Hackney, East London, and were noted for the strong Danish influence to many of their designs. During our time here at Happy Chair HQ, we have come to appreciate “G and T” as one of our favourite manufacturers: solidly built, superb, forward-thinking design, and a slightly quirky “Britishness” that ensures an enduring appeal. Luckily, we have been able to find “happy homes” for a number of G & T pieces over the years, but they are always slightly reluctantly packaged for the journey onwards from HQ!

This one’s looking for a new home!
Snapped up by the very first person to see them!
Tweed wool, great lines, teak frame. Perfection.
Just look at that profile! Those legs!
Did we mention they are responsible for one of the quintessential swivel chair designs?

Well, that’s all from me gang. Normal service will be resumed next week!




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