Pinkie Promise

Hey there vintage fans!  Remember all those new things I promised you last week?  Well here they are!

A Nathan Media Unit: The perfect place to put your telly, and all the gubbins that goes with it – and a bargain at £100, too!
Low and curvy? Check. Stylish and comfy? Check. Next to a fire? Check. Must be an Ercol Fireside Chair for £135, then 🙂
Rare as unicorn hair and just as beautiful, this Greaves & Thomas 2 seater with blue (geddit?) you away…

Look at me, delivering on promises and everything.  🙂

As we catch our breath from Bethnal and cast our eyes towards Balham (on 9th April), even more newness will be coming your way – this week though, work will begin on something old…swivel chair

Remember this guy?  He’s been awaiting my attention for a very long time.  Evil genius chair if ever I saw one.  Well, this week his transformation begins…I might call him Gru, you know, because he starts off as a baddy but becomes something wonderful…

Have a great week!

H x



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