Cookie Monster

Wowza!  What a start to the market season we had yesterday in Bethnal Green!

Teak metamorphic supper trolley – sold! 🙂
Robin Day Sofa - Bye byeeee!
Robin Day Sofa – Bye byeeee!
Two blue – toodle oo!

All this gorgeousness, plus some vintage blankets and handmade pillows, found its way to new homes, I saw Ben Shires again, and we got to eat Pennie’s cakes.  All in all a pretty fantastic day.

The more eagle eyed among you may have noticed that those brilliant blue Greaves and Thomas chairs only went up for sale on Friday – sometimes you have to be speedy to catch those vintage deals, friends!  On the plus side though, we will soon have a stunning 2 seater sofa to match those G&Ts (and the other kind of g&t, come to that) up on our website – bear with us, guys, this moving malarky creates some mega to do lists….

There will be more wonderful new stuff popping up over the next week or so – including a Parker Knoll media unit, an Ercol Cowhorn chair, a funky Danish number, and an upholstered rocking chair.  The perfectionist in me feels the pictures on these new listings are all wrong, but are excused for now as there is literally no clear space anywhere to take a decent photo.  But there will be.  My studio is currently in chaos, but it will be the most fantastic work space.  This room will be this, and when we’re organised things will be that – there’s a lot of future talk going around Happy HQ right now.  But, there are only so many hours in a day, and I must try to live in the moment.  Like Cookie Monster here.


Until next week!

H xx


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