We’re back!

After an extraordinarily busy old week of moving house (and business), we have good news for you vintage lovers!  Next Sunday is our first market of 2017!

March means Spring Time, and we know how the Spring makes me want to do all the things (lucky I have all the things waiting to be done, isn’t it?;)), so we begin with our first outing of the year.  The East London Furniture Flea at the York Hall in Bethnal Green is on the 5th March – get on down there for all kinds of vintage greatness.

Here’s a little taster of what we’ll be bringing along:

Robin Day 2 seater sofa, £500
Robin Day 2 seater sofa, £500
Teak metamorphic supper table, £100
Teak metamorphic supper table, £100
Cintique armchair with part original upholstery, £160

And that’s just for starters…

We’re really looking forward to being out and about again, getting to chat with you all in person (not to mention getting some Pair of Peas cakes…)

See you in the real, non-digital world soon!

H xxx


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