Pastures New

Brace yourselves – the move is happening!  Happy Chair HQ is relocating, this Friday, to sunny Warwickshire.  There have been pitfalls and obstacles and many a change-of-plans along the way, but as of next week, we will be Rugbians.  (Rugbionians?  Rugbiers?  Rugbians, I think.)

Home of Mr Kipling’s cakes, and some sport or other.  And now us.

Running to get a cake, I expect

In other good news, after what feels like a similar waiting time, the Ercol Extending Coffee Table is finished!

dscf1442 dscf1443 dscf1444

Also known as Occasional Table model 456, this gorgeous slab of vintage English elm was originally designed to do double duty as a bench, with seat cushions being stored on the rack below – so you’re really getting two pieces of furniture for the price of one. 🙂

Remember, no blog next week while we unpack – but I’ll be back on the 27th 🙂

Time for an adventure!

H xx


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