Please hold…

So, my friends, we seem to be stuck in a holding pattern.  The long (long, long) awaited move was meant to be happening this week, but delays further down the chain mean we are poised just on the edge of action.  Frustratingly, this means most of my time has been spent doing move-things rather than chair-things, and also that most of my chair-things have been packed away – slowly slowly is any progress being made on either project.

However, we wouldn’t be living up to our name if this post was all doom and gloom.  From a business point of view, there’s a lot to look forward to in this relocation – I’m going to have a proper workshop, and a proper storage space, and a proper space for doing all the messy jobs like sanding and spray painting.  All of these spaces will be outside of the family house, so we’ll no longer feel like we live in the Amstell ad.  There will also be ample opportunity for me to let my interior designer loose and enjoy the thrill of a makeover, whole-house scale.  Get ready for some before and after shots, guys.

Hopefully (cross all your crossable bits) we’ll be in just in time for our first market of the year – we’re back on the road with The Vintage Furniture Flea on the 5th March in York Hall, Bethnal Green.  In the meantime, to help make a little space pre-move, we’ve reduced the prices on these lovelies –

Hand Appliqued Parker Knoll Nursing Chair, now £180
Velvet and Ticking Parker Knoll Wingback, now £350
Cintique armchair, £210
Cintique armchair, now £160

All real beauties, all great prices.

Now, just to warn you, when we do move I’ll be taking a week off from the blog while we unpack – but for now, I’ll see you next week. 😉


H xx


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