Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey

It is taking forever to get things done around here.  Numerous projects are half done, others have no end in sight.  But, remember last week I was telling you all about the Robin Day sofa that I was working on?  Yes, of course you do, because you’re an avid reader hanging off my every word. 😉  Well, it’s almost, almost ready – there’s just a tiny bit to finish off and then this smart little number will be available on the website.  Here are some sneaky peeks:

20170123_095606 20170123_095649

Looking rather lovely with some Tamasyn Gambell cushions, don’tcha think?  Tamasyn collaborated with Ercol back in 2012 to celebrate the relaunch of  Ercol’s 203 chair, and her textile designs are the perfect mix of mid century and contemporary (to my mind at least.)  I covet lengths of her screen printed upholstery linen…

Oooh, so pretty… Plane Curve from Tamasyn Gamble

Ok my friends, got to keep it short and sweet today as moving preparations gather pace (ha ha, pace and this move in one sentence – now that’s funny!), but keep your eyes peeled for Mr Day’s Forum settee on the website this week.

Ta ra for now!

H xx


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