January Blues

So, it’s January.  Least popular of all the months (at least February is short.  And by March you can almost convince yourself Spring is just around the corner.)  How’s the suckiest month going for you?

January.  When the sheep are unimpressed by your red tights and mermen pour clouds at you from the sky.
January. When the sheep are unimpressed by your snazzy red boots and mermen pour clouds at you from the sky. Image from fromoldbooks.org

I am 9 days in to a daily online yoga programme with the wonderful Yoga With Adriene – Yoga Revolution.  I have talked about Adriene before, and all I said then remains the same: I have a fairly serious girl crush on her.  I think she’s brilliant, not just at the yoga and the teaching (for free!) of the yoga, but also at helping you to think about things a little more broadly.  One of the ideas that comes up in some of her videos is taking care of oneself – tending to your needs.  Tend to your space.  Give yourself a nice place to be, so that you can feel happy and fulfilled and ultimately, help others.

Try it!
Try it!

I am trying, trying, through the crappy grey weather and the most persistent of persistent coughs and the seemingly endless muddle of moving, to tend to my space.  My space is mostly boxes and mixed emotions.   But, I keep reminding myself, by the time I get to the end of this 31 days of yoga, I will (hopefully) be doing yoga in a different house!  I will have a studio!  An actual workspace, quite separate to my storage and sanding and living spaces!  And that will give a whole new collection of spaces, in the literal sense, to tend. What will be different for you in 31 days time?

In the meantime, there’s an extending Ercol coffee table on the way – keep your eyes peeled.  Whilst that gets finished off I will attempt to keep tending to my space, refilling my creative tank, so that in the end I can carry on helping you all make the most of your homes, and tend to your spaces.


H xx

P.S.  As a total diversion from anything remotely productive, check out Women Rejecting Marriage Proposals in Western Art History… at least one of them will make you laugh.  You’re welcome.

Is he wearing red tights                               Is this man seriously wearing red tights while he proposes at me



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