You’ve come a long way, baby

Happy shiny new 2017 to you!

I don’t really do the whole resolutions business at New Year – it feels like a bit of a set up to fail, with ridiculous expectations and so much pressure to become an entirely new and exceptional being – New You!  Well, what about old you?  Real you?  I like me.  I’m not sure I want a new one.

So instead, let’s harness all that New excitement (if you are feeling any – at the very least, we can focus that ‘thank God it’s not 2016 any more’ feeling) and consider all the excellent things that we have to look forward to in the coming year.

For the Happy Chair Co, 2017 is going to be a big one.  In a matter of days we will be turning 3, which has snuck up on me a little bit – where did that time go?  I am extremely grateful and proud to say that the Happy Chair is going from strength to strength, and that three years on I still don’t have to pack it in and get a proper job.  🙂

Image by Rianne on Flickr

This year will also see the long awaited move take place – hopefully while 2017 is still in its infancy.  It’s a big ol’ relocation and there are a million things to sort out and deal with (both practically and emotionally!) but from a business point of view, moving will give us a major boost – STORAGE, and my very own workshop.  Get ready for a whole bunch of before and after shots as I transform the existing space into the studio of my dreams…

In the meantime however, we’ll carry on bringing you fantastic pieces of vintage furniture from my current not-workshop; this rather brilliant 1960s supper trolley, for example!

An elegant coffee table, easily repositionable (real word) on it’s original sheppard castors…
But wait! We need more space to have dinner because we’re binge watching on Netflix and can’t leave the living room…
Phew! Plenty of space for supper. You could get even more people around here, and play cards or something…but shh, the next episode starts in 14 seconds….

So, 2017, let’s go!  Wishing all you lovely readers the best for the year ahead, and if you’re not really feeling the buzz, try to remember:



H xx


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