Tis the season to be busy!

Hee hee, love a pun.  No other reason for that picture.  Thanks, Pinterest.

Phew! The last week has seen the completion of three commissions – an Ercol Jubilee makeover (keeping the original buttons for their sentimental value):

…and after!

Some Ercol 203 cushions made to order and sent off to bonnie Scotland:

Just the colour!

And an enormous metallic cow hide window seat (with matching throw cushions).  Getting the cover on that foam was like alligator wrestling.  And I should know, from my extensive alligator wrestling experience.

Its so big I cant get it all in the picture!
It’s so big I can’t get it all in the picture!


All of which leaves me with just one more project (stripping an Ercol 203) to finish off to bring 2016 neatly to a close, but never fear!  Already our minds are racing ahead to the new year and all the chances we’ll have to get out and see you in person.  At the moment our social calendar for 2017 looks like this:

  • 5th March The Vintage Furniture Flea, Bethnal Green
  • 7th May The Vintage Home Show in the Midlands!  Just a hop, skip and a jump away from our new house, which should also be happening in 2017…
  • 8th October The Vintage Furniture Flea, Bristol
  • 29th October The Vintage Home Show, Midlands

We tend to come out to play mostly in Spring and Autumn, so we’ll fill up those gaps in April and September just as soon as we can…

These are just plans, it’s important to remember – as soon as dates are confirmed we’ll shout it loud from our website and Facebook, (and on here too probably).

Until next week vintage fans, when all is Christmassy!

H xx


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