Playing Favourites

Back when we started this whole vintage furniture malarky, there were a couple of designer pieces we always had a bit of a hankering for.  Those special ones we’d see and say to each other, ‘ooh, wouldn’t it be cool to get one of those in?’.  Well,  one was an Ercol Studio Couch, (sold many, kept one, thank you very much) and the other was this:

Don’t tell anyone…but you’re our favourite

This, in case you were wondering, is a dining set designed by Hans Olsen for Frem Rojle in the 1960s.  Sometimes referred to as ‘The Roundette’, it’s one of the most famous and stylish pieces of Mid-century  Danish furniture design.  It’s not our first – and we make no bone about having a bit of a thing for these dining sets – but as one of our children would surely object to be made to stand for every meal, we can’t keep this one.

Which means you can have it!  This beauty is a classic, with the softly triangular seats and tripod legs that allow all four chairs to tuck right under the table.  The chair backs rest completely flush with the edge of the table top, making one smooth continuous edge when the chairs are not in use.  Beautiful, minimal and simple, as well as being a fantastic space saver.

See those neat chairs!
See those neat chairs!

The chairs also stack, giving you another way to save space – this table is perfect for compact living, with no compromise on style.


For groups of four or less, there is no more stylish way to dine.

Have a great week vintage lovers,

H xx


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