Disclaimer: this week’s blog post has nothing to do with chairs.  Sorry.

You know we’ve been trying to move house for a while, right?  Guess what?

We haven’t.

It partly sucks and is partly OK.  The reason it is both sucky and OK is this – none of it is in our control.  (I’ve totally stolen the Both/And thing from Beth Woolsey’s blog – read it, she’s hilarious and kind and honest and brilliant.)  The things that have held up the move are things we could have done nothing about, so it is both Not Our Fault but also Not In Our Power to change.  As someone who likes to plan and be in control of things, this is not a comfy place for me.

I am trying, trying, not to stress out, to be zen and calm and ‘there’s nothing we can do, so don’t worry about it’.  Some days I manage it.  I think of all the good things we have going on – we might not be on the move but we have a lovely roof over our heads, the kids have a great school to go to, we’ve got food in our bellies and a licence for our telly, so nothing’s gonna bring us down. (Paolo Nutini, Pencil Full of Lead, in case you were wondering.)

But you know when you’ve been trying to get something done for a really long time?  And it feels like it’s one step forward, two steps back?  And it’s not just you doing the dance of long winded negotiation and are we/aren’t we, but you’re dragging your family around the dance floor too?  Yeah.  That starts to feel hard after a while.  Like whatever path you’re on is in fact an obstacle course designed to slow you down and trip you up at every turn.  I’m also well aware that I am mixing metaphors wily-nily, but that just gives you an extra insight into my state of mind.

So, how to keep going on the dance floor/obstacle course/path/plan? Keep your eyes on the prize, I guess.  Remember why you started, and where you’re headed.  Find a way over, under, around the obstacle.  Read a good life quote to get you in the mood.  Put some music on, get on with your day.  Whatever works, use it.


Chairs next week, I promise.  A beautiful pair of Scandart lounge chairs, and no moaning about life whatsoever.

H xx


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