The Mountains Are Calling…

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…and we must go!

Well, that’s what we said at the beginning of last week, and go we did, to Ambleside.

The view from Helm Crag in Grasmere (or my own personal Helm’s Deep)

A fantastic week was had by all, watching the kiddos skitter up the slopes like mountain goats.  I…was more of a wheezy mountain troll, but it was totally worth it.

A stunning view of Lake Windermere from Wansfell Pike

Being out there, in the wind and the sun (and even in a little bit of rain), it wakes you up.  It blows through you and reminds you that there is a whole wide world outside of your little old self.  With so much going on in our everyday lives, it’s a simple fact that’s very easy to forget.  For example, we’re moving house, going to a market next weekend, (Bethnal Green, folks!  Catch us there!) celebrating birthdays left right and center, working, parenting – some days it’s hard to catch your breath.

So this is just a little reminder, as the coming weeks and ALL THE THINGS that need doing stretch out in front of you – Look up, look around, look outward, and take a deep breath.

And if the mountains are calling you… go.


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