Thank you Mr Bowie – and you, dear readers, are welcome for the earworm that will now accompany your day ūüôā

Much like the QI elves, the IT elves who help me so much with all the computeryness (and that right there shows that I need help) have been busy indeed over the last few weeks – our website has had a fantastic overhaul, making it easier to use, search, see (and of course, buy) all our lovely pieces!


You can now search the whole site for a particular brand, or style (like Ercol, or Rocking Chair) and find everything relevant that we’ve got. ¬†The site is much, much easier to use if you’re on a smartphone or tablet – no more teeny tiny menus! ¬†Proper size pictures and buttons! ¬†Smack bang in the middle of the homepage will be our upcoming market dates, so it’s always easy to find us in real life. ¬†The newest arrivals will also be easy to spot, and everything is neatly organised into our three categories – Affordable Vintage, Design Classics and Statement Upholstery. ¬†And also, you know, it just looks cooler.

Thanks Dad.

In other news, we’ve also ch-ch-changed delivery company, meaning we can offer a faster, more reliable service to you all – and even to shoppers over the Channel in Northern Europe! ¬†Just get in touch to get a more detailed idea of what we can send where, and for how much.

We’ve got a little holibob coming up and the end of October, but then we’re back with a bang in Bethnal Green on Sunday 6th Nov, so enjoy the new website in the meantime and we’ll see you soon!

H xx


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