My goodness, it’s like London buses around here.  No new things listed for ages and then three corkers all at once!

At last, the Parker Knoll 720 with exposed frame is complete.  The pure wool wings, smooth yet rustic wood, the softly shining pins defining those edges…I have to admit, I feel this one was worth the wait.  I’m especially pleased with the combination of plains and stripes and plaids – I think it looks cosy enough for winter, but light enough for the spring time to come.  I’m happy with this happy chair 🙂dscf1280 dscf1281 dscf1282 dscf1283

And so then we move on to our latest acquisitions – a fantastic pair of Greaves and Thomas armchairs, with near perfect original upholstery.  The teak frames have the most stunning sculpted legs, giving them a brilliant ’60s vibe.  The mid grey is ideal – not too dark, not too light.  These chairs just ooze mid century cool!

dscf1269 dscf1271 dscf1272


dscf1274 dscf1275 dscf1277This fella is a particularly exciting find – a rare G&T shape, one even my design-bloodhound husband hadn’t come across before!  You can ogle both these beautiful pieces in greater detail on our Etsy store.

And in one final bout of newness for the weekend, the next location for Happy HQ has been found!  Warwickshire here we come…and brace yourselves, dear readers, for some home decor posts….

Have a great week!

H xx


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