Hello October

image by Lauren Baez via quotesgram.com
image by Lauren Baez via quotesgram.com

October! Month of crisp air, crunchy leaves, pumpkins, ghosts and obscene amounts of sweets!

October is a busy month for us, from both a personal and professional point of view – Autumn sees us all busily feathering our nests for winter, (with beautiful bits of vintage furniture, of course ;)) we have some fantastic new stock heading our way,  (Greaves and Thomas.  That’s all I’m saying right now) and we have one final market in London before the year is out.  In addition to all that, a certain someone around here is having a significant birthday in a couple of weeks, which will involve not only a bit of a shindig but also a secret surprise holiday…

Oh yeah, we’re trying to move house, too.

So, you know, all of that is true, and it’s also my reason (excuse) for that fact that this Parker Knoll 720 is not quite finished yet…20160928_121856 20160930_114222 20161003_090601 20161003_090608

But I have made progress!  I’m really pleased with the way this one is turning out – I particularly like the wool plaid wings.  Hopefully this baby will be completed very soon indeed, and then will be up and available on the website.  (Along with our new G&T goodies…I am very excited to show you those!  They’re luuuurverly.)

So, I promise to show you a finished chair next week!  Until then, enjoy the Octobery-ness.  (Real word.)

H xxx


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