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This was us in Bristol yesterday! Good times!

This week, along side popping over to Bristol for The Vintage Home Show (and finding a new home for our Egg chair in the process), we’ve been meeting some real life social media friends, taking on some new commissions and working on this piece of fabulousness!


OK, it may not look totally fabulous now.  Yet.  In it’s current state.  BUT, it will look fab, once it’s been transformed into something like this:


It’s a Parker Knoll 720, absolutely solid as a rock, with stylish wings and an insouciant lean to the backrest, and I’m stripping it down to the bare bones in order to rebuild it with those beautiful bones on show.


This involves, obviously, removing all the nasty old coverings and picking out many, many, many staples.  Once all the old stuff is off, then the sanding begins – not just removing the brown varnish from the legs, but also smoothing down every bit of wood that will be exposed on the finished chair, giving the final piece a wonderfully tactile nature.  This is the stage I’m at the moment – next will come oiling the wood, then waxing it, then fresh upholstery, then the fun bit – top fabrics!

Wool! Stripes! Plaid!  Yay!
Wool! Stripes! Plaid! Yay!

Stay tuned for the finished result!


Have a great week vintage lovers,

H xx




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