Get your Hygge on

You’ve heard of Hygge, yes?  Said Hooga, apparently – is the Danish art of getting cosy and happy with candles and blankets and good food and good friends.  Log fires and hot chocolate and twinkly lights and long chats – no wonder it’s all the rage right now, it sounds awesome.  Here in Blighty, September’s always a busy time – after the slow, summer pace of August, life suddenly hits you in the face with back to school, back to work, back to alarm clocks and routines – which, sometimes, is a good thing.  But people do start to think about Autumn, about cosying up and feathering their nests for winter, getting some Hygge going in our own way…and with that in mind we’ve started bringing a few extra little somethin’ somethin’s to our markets -woolly blankets and squishy cushions, to be precise!

We tried it out at Bethnal Green at the beginning of the month:

Look past the Mobler, the Parker Knoll, the Tapiovaara, the Wegner, to the Ercol at the back...
Look past the Mobler, the Parker Knoll, the Tapiovaara, the Wegner, to the Ercol at the back…

Can you see those orange, pink and brown cushions on the blue Ercol Tall Backs?  Made from fantastic vintage fabric with brand new plumptious (hey, it’s Roald Dahl’s fault) feather pads, they flew out of our hands so quickly I didn’t get a proper photo of them!

So this weekend, when we visit The Paintworks in Bristol with The Vintage Home Show, we’ll be bringing more –

Smart stripes on feathery softness (on a beautiful Lena Larsson rocker)
Recycled wool blankets – beautiful mix of colours, utterly unique AND environmentally friendly!
A pretty Scandi print, on a very Scandi rocking chair (our Ilmari Tapiovaara)

Along, of course, with a fab selection of furniture to put them on:

Hans Wegner solid oak frame chair, £150
Parker Knoll Nursing chair with hand stitched applique, £200
Farstrup Mobler Rocking chair, £245
Tecta-style bent plywood school chairs by Eric Lyons, £20 each
Cintique armchair, £210
Cintique armchair, £210

So we hope to see you there, 11am-4pm 🙂


Happy Hygge-ing!



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