So sew?

Morning all!

Lots of info to pass on to you today, and questions to ask, so here goes!

  • You only have 2 weeks and 2 days left to take advantage of the free delivery offers – don’t miss out!
  • There are also NEW special discounts available for members of certain Facebook groups – check out our Facebook page over the next 24 hours for details.
  • As of the end of this week we’re going to have ANOTHER extending Frem Rojle dining set available – how lucky are we? (And potentially, you?!)

Ok, that’s the info, on to the questions.  But first, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while (thanks), you may well remember Bobby.  Bobby is my sewing machine, and you can read why he’s called Bobby Singer here.  


I have an interesting relationship with Bobby.  He’s a bit sensitive at times, and the teeniest tiniest pressure from my foot can take him from not sewing a stitch to roaring along at full pelt with little in the way of control.  He’s noisy.  He’s massive.  He can only do straight stitch, none of your fancy zig zags or the like.  He’s also rather beautiful, and he looks cool, and he can sew through pretty much anything.

My stepmother recently sent me this hilarious snippet from a Singer manual – 96412-Advice-From-A-Singer-Sewing-Machine-Manual-1949

Which is obviously funny and quaint and just ever so slightly shocking when you stop to really think about it…so I replied with this one:

image, as usual, via Pinterest
image, as usual, via Pinterest

But it did get me thinking a little bit about sewing.  Is it still very much a girls thing?  An old fashioned past time?  A lost talent, now just for crafty and creative types, rather than an everyday skill?

How many of you out there can sew?  How many that can’t, would like to?  How much interest would there be, for instance, if the Happy Chair Co started offering simple ‘Beginners Sewing’ workshops, teaching you how to make simple cushions or something similar?  Get commenting, people, either below this post or on Facebook…I can pretty much promise the learning would be more on the ‘fast and barefoot’ side of things…

Ok, that’s it for now.  I’m away to the swimming pool with the kiddos, before trying to get back in Bobby’s good books.

Until next week

H xx


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