A decade of greatness!

Last week was our 10th wedding anniversary – traditionally tin, in case you were wondering.  As a tin related gift I requested Poldark.  Not the books or TV series, but actual Poldark.

Sadly Mr Poldark was not forthcoming.
Sadly Mr Poldark was not forthcoming.

Instead, we spent a fantastic mini-break watching outdoor Shakespeare and staying in the very very fancy Royal Crescent Hotel in Bath.  It involved champagne (for the one of us that drinks) and swimming pools and being called ‘sir’ and ‘madam’ by very polite people a lot.  It was brilliant.

The view from our room

Of course all this luxuriating means that not a lot of chairs got finished last week.


Sorry, not sorry.  (This is currently a favourite phrase of mine.)

However, this doesn’t mean I’ve completely abandoned my Happy Chair related responsibilities- there are a few interesting commissions in the offing, including a very stylish hostess trolley makeover and some super funky camper van cushions!

We’re also working on something a little different, to tie in with our chairs – brace yourselves for….Happy Cushions!  These are currently in the works, lovely plumpy cushions with fab vintage fabric covers designed to co-ordinate with our chairs, or to offer a funky pop of colour to brighten up your existing furniture!  Watch this space…

Now stop reading this on your phone and go and enjoy the sunshine,

H xxxx


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