Chairs and beer

Morning all!

I’ve been to the shops today.  Our best beloved Bosch palm sander, given to me as a birthday present back when this whole Happy Chair thing was just beginning, has finally sanded it’s face off and died.  (Well, if you want to get technical, it’s sanded the sanding plate off.  But we all know I like to personify things, so to me it’s the face.)  So off to B&Q I skipped to purchase another one, because although I personify things I have no mourning period for tools.  20160718_094208

It’s so clean and tidy looking!  I look at it with excitement and the knowledge that I will never get it to fit that way into the box again.

Of course, the original Bosch died just at the moment when we have a little backlog of sanding jobs to do – an upholstered Scandart rocking chair, a cheeky Tapiovaara rocking chair, and our very own Ercol studio couch.  As these all await sanding, I’ll just have to tease you with these Scandi and woody peeky previews…




The couch has been in progress for a little while now, and just having the cushions on the floor as our family sofa is getting a little tiresome.  Of course, we have an abundance of chairs, some of which have been called into service, but I’m hesitant about letting the children loose on finished products….

As an aside, who else has seen the Amstel ad featuring the smallest bar in Amsterdam?  This rings very true for me 😉

Til next week!

H xxx



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